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Lone trees

lone trees are sold through Art5 Gallery in Brighton, Cove gallery Weymouth & Park Gallery Cheltenham

My paintings are usually embellished with glitter however I appreciate not everyone is a fairy fanatic like me! I do offer non glittery pieces upon request.

Price List - (Deep edge canvas)

15x15 cm - £95

20x20 cm - £150

25x25 cm - £160

30x30 cm - £180

40x40 cm - £265

50x50 cm - £295

60x60 cm - £380

100x50 cm - £650

80x80 cm - £750

90x90 cm - £850

100x70 cm - £795

100x100 cm - £950

120x100 cm - £1100

150x120 cm - £1800

+Sizes and other sizes available on request.




I absolutely love the process of completing these messy floral style paintings. For me, they are the most fun and always take a turn for the unexpected. This style has been around for some time and you will likely recognize other artists adopting the floral meadow style

Price List - same as Lone Trees






Other paintings

As a self taught artist, I feel its important to continue to learn and be challenged, not be stuck in one particular style or colour palette. There's no better feeling than accomplishing something difficult and and totally new.

Price List:

Please ask

Commissions are welcome, however a 20% deposit is required In advance and expectations (image, colour, time frames, payment plan etc) must be clearly agreed.